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Operations Manager

Mario Cameron

20 years in operational support for an international faith organization. With primary roles in manager a team of 500 members of the orgainition with direct reports to his 15 management team.

Office Manager

Ivon Morata

18 years running and operating over 8 different service companies from restaurants to Maintenance companies.

Business Manager

Angel Garcia

Running A Semiconductor factory with over 100 staff managers and sales and operational teams. plan the growth and relocation to international offices.


Dean Twilard

25 year veteran in the service industry with managing and running over 15 states and over a 1000 locations of cleaning and maintenance staff in 30 different business sectors from education to medical fields.


Erick Bowser

Erick has 10 years in the event management fields with creating and building events with over 30,000 attendees and in multiple state service operations.


Roxy Diamond

Internationally recognized for building the top marketing and lead management system. We are grateful to have her on our team.

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