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Flexible post-construction cleaning schedules with 24/7 availability.


It’s understandable to feel some hesitancy about letting a cleaning crew into your brand-new building, especially in construction. Put your mind at ease by hiring an established commercial cleaning company that you know you can trust. Jani-Serv, Inc has been in business for over 18 years, so you can trust that we aren’t going anywhere. We thoroughly train, background check, and E-Verify each of our employees. In addition, we are bonded and insured, so you truly do not have anything to worry about when you hire Jani-Serv, Inc for any construction work.

Our post construction cleaning services any construction type job, office, unfinished commercial development, or a home. We customize our services to the type of construction work that has taken place, and the site of construction itself. Our Job is to make the Final process of your Cleanup go smooth.

We do all types of cleaning from, debris removal, window cleaning, any type of dust or airborne particles, carpets, rugs, or anything you need.

The construction industry is is very overwhelming and can put a lot of pressures and time to finish your build. We understand complete because we are in the commercial janitorial business. That is why our janitorial company strives to provide flexibility and customizability in any of our cleaning job. With us, you can request continuous on-site cleaning work services throughout the building process, or you can schedule a visit when the project is complete. Every job is custom to your needs, and you will be happy with the outcome.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote. We will discuss the specifications of your project and develop a solution for your construction cleanup. We would love to send a team member on-site to survey the building, at no obligation. This is the type of quality services we want to provide to our community in Salt Lake City Utah and surrounding areas.

Save yourself the effort, and complications that can come along with post construction cleaning and let Jani-Serv that care of the work. We will also completely sanitize your property once we finish your construction clean.

Construction Jobs

Construction Service in Utah

JSI’s skilled team is specifically trained to provide construction site cleaning job.

Our skill and experience for construction will get you a quality result much faster than other companies who don’t specialize in post-construction cleaning.

Save yourself time, money, and hassle by hiring the company who has the right tools, the deepest knowledge, and the most extensive skills for the job.

We are here for you even if you need professional move-out cleaning service or help maintaining the cleanliness of your home or office on a regular basis. Our positive reviews do speak for themselves that’s why we are happing to provide any post construction cleanup reference if needed. You will wish we had cleaned your jobs before. Serving all of Salt Lake and surrounding areas.

Great Cleaning Services at Affordable Prices

Jani-Serv, Inc, Inc is committed to offering our customers great service at affordable prices

As a family-owned-and-operated business for janitorial and construction, Jani-Serv, Inc, Inc is a highly dependable full construction cleaning company in Salt Lake City, UT. When construction finishes on your new building job, let us get started on it. We provide professional crews who specialize in post-construction cleaning, and with our help, your new building jobs will look as beautiful and fresh as a new building should.

Our experience includes the cleanup of office buildings, restaurants, warehouses, apartments, new home, military construction project job, retail, schools, medical offices and more. Depending on the scope of the job, the duration of the final cleanup job can last from one to several days. We are licensed, Boned, and Insured to meet your requirements.

We service all of Salt Lake City, Davis County, Utah County, and surrounding areas throughout Utah.

Some of your construction clean up includes.

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