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5 Tips for Time Management

Time Management Clocks

We all have various things going on in our lives that make us realize that we have a problem with time management. Whether it be that we want more time to work on a new hobby or to spend more time with family, these tips will help.

Where do you spend your time?

The first step of managing time is figuring out where most of it is spent. Checking the “screen time” settings on phones is a great way to get started. People more time thank they think on Candy Crush or scrolling through Pinterest Though only seemingly small increments of time are spent on these apps at a time, it can add up quite quickly throughout the day. 

How to lower the time spent on tasks?

Staying on task will help minimize excess time spent on a project. We can often wander to our phones or friends to procrastinate the work at hand. Setting a timer to focus for the allotted time can help keep us on track to working efficiently. To minimize distraction from cell-phones, consider implementing settings that block or restrict certain activities such as games or social media. 

Is it worth it to take a break?

Contrary to popular belief, taking a break from work for a bit can actually make the time spent doing work more productive. Whether it be reading a book or going on a walk outside to get some fresh air and exercise, these quick breaks can improve mental and physical health. Making small habits to move around and take a brain break can lead to a happier life as well as increased focus while on the job. 

Why is prioritizing effective?

Even when some days may seem to last forever, we only have so much time each day. It may seem like we don’t have sufficient hours in the day to complete what we want to, but this is where prioritization comes into play. Rather than thinking about the things needing to be done tomorrow and the next day, focus on what has to get done first with this time management tip.

How is a schedule helpful?

Planning out the week or even going day-by-day can keep anyone organized. Starting the shift by writing out the tasks that must complete before the day is done can keep people on top of things when they start to feel overwhelmed. Not knowing what to spend time on throughout the day or week can be a major cause of procrastination due to the lack of preparation. Having a list or planner allows people to visualize how to complete tasks and projects in a timely manner.

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