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New Commercial Cleaning Product Review

Jani Serv, Inc. strives to stay up on the latest commercial cleaning technology. We try different products to find the best ones out there. We use a leader in the formulation and manufacturing industry. They create sustainable cleaning and sanitation solutions that are used in the industrial market, Spartan Chemicals. 

They are introducing a new bathroom cleaning solution that we are kinda excited about! Why are we excited, let us tell you why

Spartans Chemical Company, inc. is introducing their new X-EFFECT product. It is a Citric Acid-base solution that is amazing at removing viruses and bacteria in bathroom areas. 

What is the product and what can it do

This commercial cleaning solution follows the EPA’s high standard of Design for Environment (DfE) and has very low hazardous toxicity. This product is unlikely to cause any “adverse effects to the health” and does not require PPE to be worn during use. This powerhouse also boasts a fresh lavender fragrance that will leave your restroom smelling amazing and welcoming for your staff and clients. 

How powerful can it be if you do not need to wear PPE? Well, it removes tough stains caused by both hard water and urine. X-EFFECTS disinfects all restroom surfaces from bacteria and viruses that can cause unsafe conditions and odors. This product will leave the restroom clean and smelling fresh. 

Safe Around Kids

This little cleaning nugget also complies with the standard for K-12 school districts and higher education institutions. That means is that it’s safe to be around children! The goal of this product comes from John Stwigart of Spartan Chemical Company. He said, “Ultimately, our goal at Spartan is to make clean simple products and training programs that keep building occupants healthy.” Keeping with his ideal, Spartan Chemical Company is introducing this great product that Jani Serv, Inc. can stand by. 

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