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How to Clean your Hardwood Floors

When walking around your house you may realize that you don’t clean your hardwood floors with more than a cursory sweep. Although this is alright to help maintain your floors, the floor still needs more. So what should you do?


  • Sweep- make sure that all the dust and dirt is swept up
  • Vacuum- Most vacuums have a “hard floor” setting. Using this will prevent the vacuum’s brush from scratching the wood
  • This step should be done daily to weekly depending on how much the floors get used


  • Make sure that when mopping, the mop is damp but not spilling water all over
  • You can use a sponge or damp cloth if the area of wood isn’t too large
  • Make sure that any cleaners used are specifically for wooden floors
  • Mopping only really needs to be done every couple weeks or after an event


  • There are many products that can help conceal scratches or divots in the wood
  • Apply any wax with the grain of the wood for the best results
  • When looking at restoring, make sure you know what products you are using, how to apply them, and maintain them
  • Restoring only needs to be done when something seriously damages the floor or around every 3 years


  • Putting felt pads under furniture can help the floors from getting scratched
  • Laying down a rug can not only add to the room but also protect the wood
  • Wood can still stain, cleaning up spills quickly can help prevent this
  • Using doormats can help remove rocks and dirt from shoes that could potentially scratch your hardwood floors

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