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Is Commercial Cleaning Really Worth It?

The few extra bucks out of your pocket might seem like a sacrifice, but the time you gain and the stress you let go can really make commercial cleaning a bargain.
It’s About Time

So much of the life-improvement advice we receive is all about saving money. Pack a lunch. Turn off the lights. Thrift your clothes. All of this focus on saving every last cent can make us feel like any sort of commercial service that we could possibly manage to do ourselves is frivolous.

However, while paying for helpful services, such as commercial cleaning, might cause us to save a few less dollars each month, it will save you an average of 28+ hours a month of time!

Commercial cleaning suddenly becomes worth the money when you realize that it can save you more than half a full work week every month. Instead of saving a few extra dollars that are quickly consumed in a single shopping trip or night out, why not give yourself and your family the gift of extra time together, extra time for productivity, and extra time toward creating a present, mindful life!

Busting the Mess and the Stress

So much of the stress we face in our lives is unavoidable. You can’t always avoid world crises, car troubles, or taxing workplace expectations, but you can control the amount of stress-inducers in other areas of your life.

Psychology Today explains that clutter and mess is a “significant source” of causing stress in our lives. In fact, it even says that living with messes can affect our self-confidence, our attitudes about our job, and our contentment at home.

Why let the clutter add another factor of stress into your already hectic life? By utilizing commercial cleaning in your home, you will be able to fight stress and avoid all of the negative health symptoms that go along with a high-stress life.

Let Janitor Utah help you live your best stress-free and free-time-filled life! Call us today!

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