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7 Basic Tips in Organizing Your Garage

Do you find it difficult to organize your garage accordingly? Here are some basic tips in how to make your garage in order and well organized. These ideas will help the room spacious and make everything you need to store!

1. Provide enough time to work on the plan

Schedule “back-to-back days”(like a whole weekend) so that the things to be categorized don’t stay stacked for too long. Tip: Make sure that it’s gonna be a dry weekend because you will be pulling out items from your garage.

2. Hire a professional cleaning service to help you out

Don’t begin the work alone, or else you might not finish everything according to plan. Tip: Make sure you have set your plan already so that the cleaning team can use it as their guide all throughout the process of helping you.

3. Arrange things in your garage accordingly

Classify the things found in your garage if it is for recycling, sports and recreational equipment, camping gear, automotive, seasonal decor, garden gear, and tools, etc. Start to assess if it must be stored or must be in a place where it can always be visible for you to find it easily. Tip: Organizing the rest of the house makes it much easier to manage things.

4.Label each box of the categorized items

This will help you find things easily. You can always use boxes that are found in your garage and recycle them. Tip: Do not buy containers, bins, baskets, and boxes to organize your things before organizing things, because we have to determine first the correct sizes of the things that are to be classified.

5. Attach built-in storage cabinets

After classifying things, you will determine how much space you have in your garage and start putting things where they should be placed. Tip: Make sure to put huge equipment or the edgy ones to the corners so that it will not cause traffic in your space.

6. Donate and junk unnecessary things

After placing things in order, you will determine items that should be kept orjunk. If there are things that you think are still useful but you will not be needing any longer, put them into a donation box and start giving them away. And if you think it can be junk already, then it’s better to send it to any junk shops near you.

7. Set a garage organizing plan

Make a note of your garage maintenance in your calendar, either quarterly or twice a year. It’s less likely to happen if it doesn’t make it into your calendar. Also, remember to put things away as soon as possible after using them.

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