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5 Points in How To Get Rid of Pet Hair on Your Couch

Is there hair on your couch, drapes, or clothing from your cat or dog? If you’re struggling with regards to this matter, here are the simplest and fastest ways to get rid of pet fur to get you through the worst of it.

1. Use Sponge to Remove Pet Hair From the Couch

Use a clean, dry kitchen sponge to remove pet hair from couches and other pillows. Simply run it across the couch slowly, and the fur will adhere to it! The issue will be resolved.

2. Techniques in Using Rubber Gloves 

A pair of rubber gloves is another simple technique to remove fur from furniture. Draw them on and massage your hands over the couch (or anything else that needs de-furring) to pull up the hair instead of using them while washing dishes. The fur will roll off in hunks that you can simply throw away as the surface of the gloves creates tension with the surface of the furniture.

3. Create a DIY Lint Roller

Lint rollers are useful for picking up cat and dog hair, replacement sheets may be quite costly! Wrap some packaging tape in a circle, sticky side out, instead. You’ll get the same amount of pick-up power for a portion of the price.

4. Remove Pet Hair Using Dryer Sheets

By running a fabric softener sheet over your cat or dog it’s easier to remove the pet’s hair. It will pull hair to it without you needing a scrub, so make sure to track where it started. 

5. Clean Up More Pet Hair with Your Vacuum Cleaner

A liquid fabric softener can help if your vacuum isn’t getting all of the hair that’s trapped in the fibers of your carpet or upholstery. Fill a spray container halfway with water, then shake to combine. Allow five minutes for the spray to rest on your carpet. Then vacuum everything up.

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