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Cleaning your Garage

Cleaning your Garage

Now that winter is slowly coming to a close, and spring cleaning coming up, you realize how cluttered your garage is. Although it may seem a hopeless task, with these suggestions, planning, and a wide open Saturday, anything is possible. 

Move Everything Out

Taking everything from the garage and moving it out onto the driveway or lawn can help you visualize where things should be kept and realize the space you have available. After everything is pulled you need to dust, sweep, mop, and/or pressure wash, whatever gets the job done.

Separate and Sort

Everything that is outside needs to be organized. You might realize you have stuff that you never use, will you ever actually use them? If the answer is a “no”, put it into two piles: Donate and Trash. The things you do want to keep, sort them. Putting them in bins or bags and adding labels on the exterior can make storage look a little neater.


Now is your chance to make any home renovations that you may desire. Installing hooks, shelves, or any other storage or home improvement. Knowing where everything will go is vital to this step. You may want to paint the walls or redo the flooring. Having everything clean helps a lot in this process.

Putting Thing Back

Your neatly organized areas can finally be put back into the like new space you have created. Keep things that are used often in areas that can be easily accessed. It would be amazing if everything could be easily accessed but this may not always be feasible. Putting things that are less used deeper in or behind things can be acceptable.


Looking at a picture or just remembering what things were like before the cleanup can give a sense of satisfaction. You might be able to fit your car or start a hobby with all the space you have.

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